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Old Dresser gets Remastered

This was a dresser I refinished a while back, but I really wanted to share it. I was able to get it on kijiji for the low low price of ZERO dollars! What drew me in was the handles. I just loved the unique handles and I knew I could make this thing look fantastic. The top and sides weren't real wood (which goes against my cardinal rules of furniture refinishing) BUT the drawer fronts once sanded down had a gorgeous grain that I

stained blonde. My solution for the MDF top and sides was to paint them white, and keep the wood grain finish. I also cleaned and sanded the handles and spray painted them black. The results were stunning! It was the crown jewel in my furniture refinishing adventures. I also sealed the whole piece with a water repellent material, which I don't always do, but I just couldn't bear the thought of a cup of water left on the top leaving stains or something damaging it once I completed this piece. My one regret with it is that the water repellent product that I used was actually meant for outdoor use, and it took a long time for the smell of it it to go away once it was inside. You can see the ugly before in the first shot, and then the finished After.


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