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Map Side Table

I had picked up this side table many years back at a Salvation Army Thrift store for around $7. I painted it a cream colour, and then eventually it was time to do something else with it. I'd seen different pieces online that had maps incorporated into furniture and I thought this piece would be just right. I found an old National Geographic Map of Canada from the 70s. In my map-gluing research I found out that National Geographic maps are the most recommended for these purposes, plus graphically they are very appealing. I glued this map down using just white glue, and to be honest I could have done a better job, and have since looked up some good methods for doing this. It worked ok, but just somehow looked like someone just slapped a map on top of it which was not what I was going for.My solution was to stain the whole thing with blue dye. I then put several clear coats over the map to seal it, and used a dark wax over the legs and the rest of it. The results were great! I used it as a display table at Flash Boutique, and then sold it on Kijiji.


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