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Live Plexiglass Painting

I was asked to do some live painting at the Children's Museum during spring break. They were open to ideas, so I suggested painting on a large sheet of plexiglass so that people can see the painting happening from both sides. They rigged up a huge standing frame and piece of plexiglass taller than me. It was set up in the middle of the museum, and I brought a kids activity as well, so that the kids could complete their own drawings on transparencies with permanent markers. The day was a great success! Painting was fun, and a very different painting experience than I usually have at home in my studio- it was loud, and noisy, and there were kids everywhere in the museum. I was surprised that I didn't get more questions from kids about painting, but I think most saw me as almost a performance piece that they couldn't interupt, so they didn't ask questions as I was doing it. The theme was supposed to be something related to Harley Davidson Motorcycles, because of an upcoming exhibit.

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