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Cre8ery's Auxiliary Gallery

I dropped off load of art over at Cre8ery for their Auxillary gallery space today. It will be up for almost a month. The Auxillary Gallery rotates with members work throughout the year. I was so happy to get these illustrations into frames. It's super satisfying to get a piece matted and framed. Also it's nice for them to have a temporary display space. My art room was too small, I didn't have anywhere to line them up properly to see what they look like on their own. They will be up until Feb 2, and will be up for February's first friday. Let's hope someone buys some art! I don't have a shot of the pictures up on the wall yet, so this is when I first dropped them off.

Here is Cre8ery's info:

125 Adelaide St, 2nd fl. until February 9, 12 noon.

Receptions & First Fridays: are January 18, 7-10pm & First Friday February 1, 5-10pm.

Additonal gallery hours are: Tues to Fri, 12-6pm; Sat, 12-5pm.

Jordan is also available for viewings by appointment, for purchases online please contact

Please visit: for more info on displaying artists.


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